Saab, a Swedish aerospace and defence company, has put forward a plan to establish a new facility in Canada.

The facility which is part of SAAB’s offer for Canada’s Future Fighter Capability Project (FCCP) would be known as the Saab Sensor Centre and located in Vancouver, British Columbia.

According to a report on Wings, the Saab Sensor Centre will focus on sensor technologies such as radar. The Centre would also provide career opportunities for Canadian engineering talent in the Vancouver area, as well as benefitting research and development avenues in academia.

Simon Carrol, President of Saab Canada Inc., said, “We feel that Saab teamed with Canadian space partners are the perfect combination to co-develop a secondary surveillance radar for Canada and the global market.”

Already, a Saab radar demonstrator has been built and informs the basis for a co-development opportunity of a SSR with Canadian companies. The demonstrator thrives on radar technology found in Saab’s military radars that operate across the world including on Canadian and U.S. naval ships.

Saab’s incursion into Canada’s aerospace is a validation of the opportunities that abound in the industry. Potential investors can take a sneak peep into the industry through FDI Canada Forum, a platform for investors to know more about the Canadian Investment Opportunities Database. The virtual event will take place between May 5 – 6, 2021. Early bird registration attracts a 25% discount till April 6th, 2021.


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