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About the Database

We are excited to unveil the Canadian Investment Opportunities Database (CIOD). The first of its kind, the CIOD is a pan-Canadian web portal, which brings fragmented provincial, municipal and private sector information across Canada together into one database, in one standard format.

The CIOD provides summary information on major capital projects by description, sector, value, jurisdiction, schedule, project contact, EPC contact, status etc. In addition to ensuring consistency of information, where there is an overlap, this integrated data platform enables potential investors and project partners to improve their decision-making capabilities and business agility.

The database significantly increases participants’ level of preparedness, thereby enabling pre-Forum discussions on the possibility of working together.

Web Portal

The CIOD includes a user manual, links and support tools with useful information which allows users to create and download data in an interactive fashion, using their preferred search criteria. Subject to confidentiality obligations, participants will be able to access important information on key private sector projects. The CIOD is password-protected. To view it, participants will need to enter their password.

For more information, visit the CIOD web portal:

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