Study has shown that about 80% of Canadian tech workers agree that technology is adding a desirable weight to the overall development of Canada’s economy and thereby contributing to global tech-innovation growth; thus placing Canada with the top 4 of the 22 countries influencing technological innovations.

David Marquis, VP & Country Manager of Intuit Canada, says,“ The arrival of 2021 brings with it a renewed sense of optimism and purpose. We have a massive opportunity to scale technology for good – and strengthen our economy’s backbone by leveraging the power of our vibrant tech ecosystem. I believe this is Canada’s moment to shine when it comes to innovating, and the key to accelerating this depends on the industry’s ability to attract and retain highly skilled diverse tech talent.” For more info, download Intuit’s 2021 Tech Talent report: file:///C:/Users/HP/Downloads/intuit-canada-tech-talent-report-2021%20(2).pdf

Due to this development, Canada’s tech sector is crucial in enabling the country to stand out in the international arena. Presently at $94 billion, the information and communication technology (ICT) sector’s GDP accounts for 5% of its overall GDP.

Towards furthering this goal, organizations are soliciting applicants with diversity in screening and interview practices to join the technology world.

Intuit recently launched the Prosperity Accelerator program in partnership with Highline Beta.

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