In today’s day and age,  we have seen the negative effects of industries from the pandemic. However, we still can look at the upsides of what this pandemic has caused. To answer this question, we look at one particular Canadian industry that seems to be booming. And that is the Canadian real estate market.

Although we are in a current pandemic, the investment in the housing market has remained strong. This allows investors to look for properties as an opportunity to invest.  In Canada, it seems that housing developments and condo construction have been on the come up. With the pandemic, the need for housing has been higher than ever. Today, we look at some of the best places to invest in real estate in Canada 2021.


Living Outside the Bigger City

As Canadians, we all know Ontario has the largest population in Canada. When we think of a high population, we think of more options for investing in real estate. Now, in Toronto, we all know house prices have been skyrocketing. Due to the pandemic, many Ontario residents have been choosing to live outside the home of the six because they have the chance to work from home.

Covid 19 has been a huge contributor to how people viewed the life of living in different cities.

Hamilton, Ontario

In the most recent years, Hamilton has been known to be one of the areas to invest in single-family homes. Hamilton is a booming place for the restaurant and food industry and healthcare centres. Now, the prices in Hamilton are not as pricey as the ones we see in Toronto. An average home price is just under $650,000, allowing investors to make an income by flipping a house into a duplex for multi-families.


Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver, oh so beautiful Vancouver, a place to be. The place has beautiful scenic mountain views and tasty fresh seafood. This B.C beauty has a plethora of areas in conservation, allowing nature enthusiasts to get a grasp at this rainy city.

Transportation networks and natural resources are two areas that have allowed Vancouver to be a top spot to invest in real estate in 2021. According to Matt Elkind, he is confident about where the real estate market has been heading because the rates are low, and once the Seattle-Vancouver border opens up, they will see the rental demand increase.


Windsor, Ontario

For beginner investors or newer homeowners, Windsor is one of the most affordable places to invest in. The average price of a home in Windsor is just a bit over $425,000. Also, the good thing about Windsor is that they border right across Detroit, making housing investments ideal.

This also allows Windsor’s investment opportunities to most likely have a high profit because they are beginning to encounter this real estate boom and revitalization in its job and work sector. Even during the Pandemic, analysts conclude that Windsor homes sell in less than two months.

Guelph, Ontario

In Guelph, an average home is around $500,000. This place is the home of many agricultural communities and the U of Guelph.  Being close to the 401 people to travel to work in places such as Toronto and need to travel there day today. Guelph is a good place to raise families and allow for real estate investment, despite being known as a university city. It has a low unemployment rate, and when it comes to environmental sustainability initiatives, it has been becoming a new leader in it.

However, when investing in real estate in Guelph, people must consider that it is a town that is undergoing growth and population rising. There are many new places investors can look to spend their cash on. Did you know that Guelph is one of the fastest-growing markets and has so many living spaces for families for years to come?

Kingston, Ontario

Kingston is known for being in close vicinity to the Canadian capital, making it ideal for people who work in Ottawa. To be exact, Kingston was one of the first places to get out of the lockdown after making sure that the curve was flattening and assuring that everyone remained safe. This is a high-demand spot for new developments and housing due to the many opportunities to invest in properties. Since the demand for Canadian properties is high, this will allow investors in cities such as Kingston to cash out once this pandemic comes to an end.


The growing real estate market in Canada

It is beneficial for Canadians to convert a rental property or flip homes during the pandemic to help ensure the highest return income for their space.  People must consider that the prices of properties can arise anytime during this year. This investing outlook has been looking very good, and the demand for properties has been higher. Now is the right time to invest in real estate, but you have to make sure to find top-quality investments that will guarantee to bring in cash and raise a monthly income. According to Matt Elking, Canada is a safe place to invest with solid returns, as long as you have a long-term vision. This is a benefit for real estate investors, but it is also good for the Canadian population.


Time to choose the right property to invest in

Now Canada has many places to invest in the real rate. Condos and single-family homes are the safest choices. Condos are a bit more budget-friendly, so it is a  popular spot for real estate investors. Elkind again mentions that it is good for people who want to live close to work, do not own a car, do not want to bother with yard work and more.  Condos are an amazing place to spend less but earn more.


What makes Canada a safe place to invest in real estate


Canada is a safe market to invest in, increasing the real estate market and the demand for property from the increasing population. It is a safer place to invest in than the cities in the state of New York because the real estate market has been thriving like never before.


It is a good choice to buy multiple houses in Canada because you have the opportunity to flip a house or rent out properties. With the demand for affordable housing, diminishing housing crises can help be fixed, and this can work towards a sustainable future and real estate market.

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