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About the Forum

Foreign direct investment (FDI) remains a critical driver of economic growth, and an important source of innovation, productivity and economic competitiveness.

The FDI Canada Forum is Canada’s FDI Signature Event, which brings together investors and professionals from around the world to explore the investment and expansion opportunities available in the Canadian marketplace.

This is by far one of the largest FDI-focused events of its type in Canada. The Forum provides participants with exclusive access to partners’ opportunities database, thought leaders, influencers, senior business leaders, senior government officials and leading investors from across Canada, United States, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.

What’s Unique?

In 2020, the pandemic led to an innovative approach to hosting global event. Our December 2020 Forum was held virtually. Participants attended at the comfort of their home and listened to Canadian experts as they provided cogent information regarding Canadian investment opportunities.

Our next event is in May 2021. It will be virtual and will feature participants across the world. Participants will learn about investment opportunities in the Canadian Energy, Health, Tourism and Agricultural sectors. Register now to be part of the event.

The past editions of the Forum had in attendance top diplomats, investors, senior government officials, senior business leaders, academics, international trade specialists, FDI experts, economic developers and others. Featuring 250+ attendees and engaged investors, under one roof, the Forum provides a unique opportunity to validate existing markets, showcase capabilities and discover new opportunities.

Since inception in 2015, the Forum has achieved significant milestones, including, among others:

  • Showcasing Canada as an attractive and world-leading destination for FDI.
  • Providing a platform for current foreign investors in Canada to share key insights.
  • Attracting potential investors to explore the investment and expansion opportunities available in Canada.
  • Providing a forum for discussing FDI policy with investment and government advisers.
  • Creating a platform for FDI players to provide their unique perspectives in order to help potential investors understand and evaluate the best areas for investment in Canada.
  • Becoming a vehicle for discussing the importance of FDI activity, and a platform for Canadian and global businesses to review a list of major project opportunities across Canada.
  • Providing an educational environment for Canadian FDI practitioners to learn and expand their networks and investment leads.

Investment Opportunities Database

During the next edition of the Forum, we are excited to unveil the Canadian Investment Opportunities Database (CIOD). The first of its kind, the CIOD is a pan-Canadian web portal, which brings fragmented provincial, municipal and private sector information across Canada together into one database, in one standard format.

The database significantly increases participants’ level of preparedness, thereby enabling pre-Forum discussions on the possibility of working together.

Read more about the CIOD here

Disclaimer: FDI Canada Forum is a registered-entity, we are individual with a great lists of businesses and we claim no perfection/guarantee to any or all of our claims. We advise every reader to do their own individual research as we know that thousands, millions and billions of investment will take place through this forum yearly. We take no liability to any investment secure through this forum.

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